No, Trump is not in Violation of the Emoluments Clause

The Trump administration has been under siege from the left’s self-professed “legal resistance,” which has accused the president of violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause since part of the earned revenue from his hotels, for example, come from non-Americans who pay to stay there.  This past Sunday during a coronavirus briefing President Trump defended himself saying he was not breaking any law and even said that President George Washington “had two desks… a presidential desk and a business desk” -- this was a deja-vu of last year when, after reversing his decision to host world leaders at one of his own properties during next year’s Group of 7, he dismissed Democratic efforts as the “phony emoluments clause” of the Constitution that prohibits a president from illegally profiting from his business while in office. Trump was referring to Washington’s Mount Vernon’s plantation during his...(Read Full Article)
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