Nick Searcy, the Rush Limbaugh of a New Hollywood

During his speech at Hillsdale College, conservative actor and director Nick Searcy said that Hollywood is broken forever. Everyone in that town knows in order to work, they must become a member of the Hate Conservatives, Christians and Republicans Club. Incredibly, Harrison Ford calling Trump an SOB  and Robert De Niro repeatedly saying “F*** Trump” enhances their status in Hollywood. When these arrogant elites express disdain for Trump, they are really exposing their disdain for you MAGA cap wearers who buy tickets to their movies. A fan of Call of the Wild said that because of Ford's anti-Trump statements she will not go to the movie starring Harrison Ford. Searcy asserts that before Rush Limbaugh, for the most part, conservative talk radio and media did not exist. Rush has dramatically impacted our culture. He said that without Rush, we may not have Trump as president. Searcy announced his desire to be the Rush Limbaugh of a new movie industry;...(Read Full Article)
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