Moving at Trump Speed

Three cheers for President Trump’s success in forcing a federal bureaucracy that normally moves at the speed of a glacier to begin working at “Trump Speed.” From the day he announced he was running, Trump’s critics have assailed him with all manner of claims that he was unfit to be President. Their real reason for inventing so many lies was that he wasn’t like them because he was a CEO instead of a bureaucrat. He had built a business empire and become wealthy by setting objectives, giving orders to his trusted staff, and holding people accountable for delivering results in a timely and effective manner. The federal bureaucracy doesn’t work like a business. It is built on moving slowly so that it can justify continuing to employ thousands of people who study issues, consider possibilities, formulate plans, and then someday get around to recommending courses of action. Then they wait indefinite periods for decisions to be made by executives...(Read Full Article)
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