Lions and Tigers and Literacy Programs, Oh, My!

Here’s my favorite moment from last week. Remember back on February 5, when Chuck the Schmuck accused President Trump of doing too much on the coronavirus, like, ooh! banning flights from China? Now he and Our Nance are accusing the president of not doing enough. What a difference three weeks can make! And here we have Joe Biden winning a spanking victory with the black church ladies in the South Carolina presidential primary Saturday. This, ladies, is your idea of the man to lead America? An unexceptional, unremarkable senator that the unremarkable First Black President picked to be his vice-president on the notion, I suspect, that he would never out-remark his senior? You can’t make this stuff up. Or Bernie Sanders, the very caricature of a clueless lefty bellowing mindless slogans. And he has actually told the joke about evil socialist regimes: whatabout the literacy programs! You think he first heard it on the Borscht Belt? Elizabeth Warren: could anyone from...(Read Full Article)
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