Life in the Time of Wuhan

Crises have a way of sorting out the good people, ideas, and institutions from the bad, and as the Wuhan virus spreads throughout the world, the sorting process is made easier.  The decision to close our borders to China, criticized by the WHO, the left, and media as "racist," has proven to be essential, and the bien pensant governments around the world are now following suit, shutting down their borders to aid in containment. For those who wonder why this variety of flu depends on our isolating ourselves for a while until we can contain it, Lauren Ancel Meyer, my young friend and a scientist, explains:   The recent threats of SARS, swine flu, Ebola, and Zika have brought fame to an epidemiological statistic known as R0. It stands for the basic reproduction number and is intended to be an indicator of the contagiousness of infectious agents (it is pronounced R-naught). In short it tells us how many people each new case will infect...(Read Full Article)
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