Hell or High Water

Tide and time wait for no man, or so they say. But that isn't really true if you are a rich progressive, or one of those who finagle a fine living off the stupidity of naive guilt-riddled Westerners. Take the rising tide. For years the climate alarmists have been claiming that low-lying atolls like those in the Maldives would disappear, swallowed by the sea in a manner reminiscent of Atlantis. Global warming is causing sea level rise, they claim,  and places like the Seychelles or Kiribati or the Maldives were doomed, doomed, doomed! Reasonable people pointed out that the sea levels have been rising for ten thousand years and there has been no major increase in the rate of sea level rise (which is 0.118 ± 0.016  inches per year), but this entreaty fell on deaf ears.  In fact, the Copenhagen Climate Summit made it quite plain:  "The Copenhagen Climate Change conference opened this week with an urgent call to action on the rapidly...(Read Full Article)
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