Google and YouTube are State Actors

Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, are state actors. The attorneys for PragerU and others could not prove that because they are not familiar with the industry, especially its technical side. The Obama Administration has delegated to Google (together with Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Netflix) "powers traditionally exclusively reserved to the State" and “traditionally associated with sovereignty” (Jackson v. Metropolitan Edison Co., 419 US 345 - Supreme Court 1974). Then, those actors usurped more powers. The smoking gun can be found in the FCC Obamanet orders of 2010 and 2015. The 2015 Obamanet Order, officially called Open Internet Order, has explicitly obligated all internet users to pay a tax to Google and YouTube in their ISP and wireless data fees. The Order even mentions Google and YouTube by name. The tax incurs tens of billions of dollars per year. More specifically, the Order said that by paying ISP fees (including mobile wireless), each user...(Read Full Article)
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