Electoral Politics in Israel

The State of Israel on March 2, 2020 had its third parliamentary election for the Knesset in under a year.  Like the two previous occasions, it failed to end with a party or party group gaining an overall majority and thus able to form a government, either on its own or in a coalition. The existing prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at first claimed victory, but his coalition won only a plurality, 58 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, four short of an overall majority.  Consultations have now begun to determine how a new government can be formed and who is to lead it as prime minister. Though Netanyahu did not fully succeed, he must be seen as a remarkable politician, one who failed to win three elections in outright fashion in a single year, who has been indicted on three counts — fraud, breach of trust, and bribery — and is facing trial on March 17, 2020, but who has survived.  Indeed, he has denied any criminal activity and has...(Read Full Article)
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