Don't Look for 'Moderates' in a Mob

With the recent and sudden surge of Joe Biden in the Democrats' presidential primary, the liberal mob running the modern Democrat Party want Americans to believe they have shunned extremism and now have a palatable "moderate" on the verge of leading their party into the November elections.  Don't be fooled.  With his recent "nasty" display in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Senator Chuck Schumer — the Democrats' Senate minority leader — again reminded us that there are few, if any, "moderates" left in today's Democrat Party. The fact that the Democrats are almost completely bereft of moderates should have been clear long ago.  Recall that almost exactly a year ago, 44 Senate democrats — including Schumer and all six Senate Democrats who were vying to become president of the United States — voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  In other words,...(Read Full Article)
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