Deborah Birx Brings New Era of Feminine Gravitas

Our eyes have become accustomed to the visual clichés of the media. The male news anchor is a man of expertise and experience paired with a promising young woman who is smart but not yet accomplished. He has the gravitas of a person at the pinnacle of his career and she has the sex appeal of a vibrant young woman who has potential and promise, but is not yet proven. He is in his 60s and she is in her early to mid-30s. Around the conference table are men who are immediately recognizable; they are male leaders known for their experience and position. The two or three women are beautiful young aspiring leaders who obviously have the potential of “going somewhere” in their careers, but, alas, they are not yet seasoned by experience; they haven’t yet really earned their place at the table! We’ve all rejoiced at the sight of a few women around the President at the famous Resolute desk in the Oval Office and at the increasing visibility of colorful dresses...(Read Full Article)
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