Countering the Coronavirus

Look how she washes her hands for a quarter of an hour. Will all the great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from her hand? Will her hand make the multitudinous seas incarnadine? Lady Macbeth was right, wash your hands. A little water, a rinse and shake, is not enough to clear us from infection from a virus: we all need at least twenty seconds, if not a quarter of an hour, to contain the coronavirus pandemic haunting the world today. These are the times that try men’s souls. We do not need the summer soldiers and the sunshine patriots. It is now clear that the world is engaged in a marathon war, not a skirmish, to overcome the coronavirus, Covid-19, that has spread and affected thousands of people, and led to economic and financial problems around the globe. Slowing the spread, preventing new cases of the virus, and treating the infected, requires drastic action by a combination of public governments, private institutions, and citizens, and international...(Read Full Article)
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