Coronavirus: When All Else Fails, Try Reason

I’m phlegmatic by nature. It gives me an edge up when mass hysteria seems to take up so much space in the news and the pronouncements of Democratic leaders. Looking at the best information available to me, I find it beyond question that the President has taken the right steps to deal with this variant flu; that few people in this country will perish from it; that while there may be some economic consequences of the supply disruption from China, the fact that we’ve been decoupling ourselves from China under this administration means they are likely to be smaller and more short-lived than the market manipulators would have us believe. 1.  What is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and How Does it Compare to the Flu? The most informative reports I can find on this are from Johns Hopkins Medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Director of the CDC. One of the difficulties of diagnosing those stricken with this novel virus is the symptoms are very...(Read Full Article)
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