Coronavirus Lessons: Nobody Trusts the Press

Whatever happens over the next few weeks with the Chinese virus, one thing is certain: nobody trusts the corporate press.  Nobody.  These people are the absolute bottom of the barrel in professional prestige, a collection of low-I.Q. wannabe-celebrities, con artists, and Joseph Goebbels clones.  Parents should want their children to be free thinkers; no parent should have to suffer the pain and humiliation of watching his children grow up to pimp themselves on television for international conglomerates and hostile Chinese interests.  Somewhere the parents of Lawrence O'Donnell and Brian Stelter and Joe Scarborough are wishing their sons would have had just the tiniest bit of dignity to take their whoring for the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party off camera and back to the streets where it belongs.  Of course, the streetwalkers would never have them; they actually work for a living. MSNBC and CNN spend all day long...(Read Full Article)
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