Conversations with Everyday Patriots at CPAC

My wife Mary and I attended CPAC conservative convention to promote the March 3rd 11:55 a.m. release of my new Trump Train song and music video.  While most people at CPAC are excited to meet members of Congress, I tend to gravitate to vendors, authors, and everyday patriots in attendance. From among the many vendors selling Trump gear, Mary had to have a “Trump” purse shaped like a Coke can. Mary shot a short video of my interview with Mary Lou, the vendor.  One of the most creative things I saw was the Trump hammocks.  Enjoy this short video of my interview with Steve, the hammock designer.  Walt was a 70-something year-old farmer, sporting a great cowboy hat. Obama's policies caused Walt to attend CPAC every year. Walt owns 70 acres. He grows corn. Walt and I chuckled about Mike Bloomberg's insulting comments about farmers. I sat in on a breakout session by Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends. Their point...(Read Full Article)
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