Choosing Not to Vote

Despite the best efforts of political operatives, the majority of the electorate fails to vote in the majority of elections at all levels of government. There are logistical hurdles that exacerbate this problem, such as the bewildering fact that election day isn’t a national holiday and that young adults aren’t taught how to vote or how to register to vote by their schools or parents. However, the main cause of the problem is about the attitudes of individuals themselves toward voting. One individual who declines to exercise his right to vote is Quillette writer Coleman Hughes, who, in a blog post, made the case for why his individual vote doesn’t matter. He takes the principle to its logical extreme and argues that, even in races deemed “close,” elections are never decided by a single vote and, therefore, doesn’t see the value in his casting a ballot. In fact, Hughes argues that his career as a political writer influences more people than his...(Read Full Article)
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