Can America's Public Health Elite Survive the 'Boomer Flu'?

We depend on experts for advice. We always have. This is understandable given our inability to effectively process and disseminate all the information that bombards us. Our minds are not supercomputers with software that sift and rank information in nanoseconds. We cannot psychically communicate our discoveries with the rest of the hive. Instead, we develop a system of experts that focus their efforts on different topics and tell us what they learn through various institutions, such as the media, the church, or the office water cooler. But what happens when our experts fail? The public health community’s response to COVID-19, aka the “Boomer Flu,” provides a cautionary example. Many have noted COVID’s terrible effectiveness in killing the elderly and infirm. However, what are the responses of our public policy experts? Quarantines, testing, and other proscriptions of minimal effectiveness and mass inconvenience For example, the focus on testing is...(Read Full Article)
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