Big Tech’s Civilization-Busting Bias

If you could transport yourself back to the Middle Ages and tell people that living things too small to see can cause disease, they'd think you were crazy.  Seeing is believing, and, quite often, not seeing is not believing.  Tragically, this phenomenon is also operative with the virus in our political system called Big Tech bias, which is unseen by most and with no paper trail, killing Republican electoral chances and remaking our nation. What if I told you Big Tech could have been responsible for President Trump's impeachment?  What about the credible expert who warns that Big Tech can shift up to 15 million votes in November?  Note here that over the last eight elections and 32 years, no president has won by more than 9.5 million votes. Shifting 15 million is easily enough to turn most any modern election. And what if it can be said with certitude that Big Tech will win numerous races for Democrats this...(Read Full Article)
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