Why They Hate Trump

Nearly 50% of the American political world hate President Trump. Truly hate him. This is no mild disregard like it was for President Bush 43 “Dubbya,” he of the cowboy foreign policy. This is not the “He’s a total lightweight but he’s pretty harmless so we can sandbag him,” disrespect they had for George HW Bush. This is even deeper than the outright derision and scorn in which they held for Ronald Reagan. No, this goes farther. This is hatred on a deep, visceral level. A we’d-revert-to-violence-if-we-could-get-away-with-it hatred. They really, really hate him -- personally, politically, any way you can slice it. Here’s why: He’s not one of “them.” He’s not a lifelong politician and he doesn’t practice the usual conventions of referring to his fellow politicos with false niceties, nor does he observe the tradition regarding respectful treatment of a hostile media. On the contrary, if a rival...(Read Full Article)
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