What's Really Behind the Left's 'Cancel Culture'

After Bernie Sanders won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, liberal icon and MSNBC stalwart Chris Matthews compared Sanders's victory to Nazi Germany’s invasion of France.  Immediately after his comments, the leftist mob came after him, demanding that he be fired.  This wasn’t some neo-liberal Never-Trumpster who had been masquerading as a Republican for the last two decades.  This wasn’t some celebrity air-head running his mouth in the throes of emotion.  This wasn’t some lonely blogger writing uneducated opinions from his mom’s basement.  This was Chris Matthews, who wrote speeches for Jimmy Carter, spent six years as Tip O’Neil’s chief of staff, was the DC bureau chief for the San Francisco Examiner, wrote books about the Kennedys, had been the host of Hardball for over twenty years, and had the thrill of Obama’s presidency run down his leg. But you make one clumsy historical analogy which implies...(Read Full Article)
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