What Would Karl Marx Say If He Met Bernie Sanders?

In an imagined meeting between Marxism's founder, Karl Marx and socialist Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, we do not know of course, what they would say, but one thing is certain – Marx would have been dumbfounded to learn that Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist, too. For the founding fathers of the Marxist movement, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the main driving force of history was the class struggle between the working class (proletariat) and the capitalists (bourgeoisie). They predicted that a proletarian revolution would overthrow the bourgeoisie, and that would pave the way to a perfect, classless society. Latter-day socialists serve a very different constituency: college students, especially those whose major fields include the word studies – social studies, ethnic studies, gender studies; former college students living in their parents’ basements and wishing that their student loans could be cancelled; and big-city...(Read Full Article)
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