Trump's Supporters Are Not Cult Members. We're Americans.

Former one-term Republican congressman and radio host Joe Walsh recently withdrew from running against Trump in the Republican primary.  He apparently got the message that his candidacy was dead when the Iowa caucus crowd responded with raucous cheers for Trump to his comment "if you want four more year of the Donald Trump show" and roundly booed his claim that the president "makes every day about himself." Any birdbrain knows that Trump makes every day about us and the U.S.  The only reason he has had to talk about himself is because he's been under constant attack, and Democrats demanded his head.  Past Republican presidents likely would not have responded, concluding that it was beneath the dignity of the office.  Perhaps.  But at some point, you have to fight back, or you'll eventually be ousted.  When they called George Bush a liar and accused him of starting a war for oil we never got but...(Read Full Article)
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