Trump: The Hero Modern America Needs

Somewhere in the darkness, where private thoughts can be snuffed out before spoken out loud, there is a Democrat who understands that President Trump is now legend.  After the State of the Union, one woman in Carthage, North Carolina said it clearly: "We need to put a cape on his back, an 'S' on his chest, and call him Superman.  No mortal man could take what he has took in the last three years and do what he has done."  The entire diner where she was being interviewed exploded in enthusiastic cheers.  She seemed to have expressed a feeling that others were feeling, too.  Can you hear that John Williams score in your mind?  Is it getting louder and louder?  I can assure you that the Democrats are beginning to hear its beats.  They've dedicated their lives to destroying President Trump one way or another, but in their all-consuming hatred and rage, they misapprehended what they...(Read Full Article)
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