The Week When Trump Was Reelected

Santa was late coming down the White House chimney, but this week a sack of reelection Christmas presents belatedly arrived under the Trump Christmas tree. Face it, Christmas was a downer for President Trump and his supporters. The House rammed through two articles of impeachment and promptly skipped town, much like kids leaving a flaming bag of dog poop at someone’s front door before running away. There was uncertainty over how long this would drag out, whether there would be witnesses and an ultimate vote for acquittal. There was concern that a last-minute witness would appear, like Julie Swetnick at the Kavanaugh hearings, accusing Trump of participating in a “rape train” during his phone call with the Ukrainian president. Last week’s festivities started with “Republican strategist” Rick Wilson and sidekick stooge Don Lemon on CNN calling 63 million Trump supporters, “credulous boomer rubes” and laughing uproariously over...(Read Full Article)
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