The Wages of Trump Derangement

How many conservatives have experienced something like this:  A friend who knows you are a conservative, a Trump supporter and/or that you are not a global warming hysteric, sends you an email, out of the blue, profanely attacking the President or Rush Limbaugh and you as a conservative or as a climate change denier.  This person does this wholly without provocation.  You have long avoided ever discussing politics with this person.  Maybe you've sent that person a friendly "how are you" and you get back a tirade peppered with ad hominem attacks.  He or she may even accuse you of being a terrible parent or grandparent because you support the current President.  They are clearly angry with you without cause but for your political views.  Trump derangement is so serious that people are ending friendships that are decades long - over political differences!  This past week sent the blinkered...(Read Full Article)
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