The Wages of Promiscuous Sex Is Death

Once more, the wisdom of the ancient world has been proven true. A new report by British researchers shows a strong association between the number of one's lifetime sexual partners and one's risk of developing cancer and other serious diseases.  According to a new report published in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, women with 10 or more lifetime sexual partners were 91% more likely to develop cancer compared to those with zero to one partner, while men with that number of partners were 64% more likely to contract cancer. The researchers based their work on the English Longitudinal Study of Aging, a detailed study of 5,722 men and women.  Along with higher cancer rates, they found that women with the high number (10 or more) of sexual partners were far more likely to suffer from a long-term debilitating illnesses. The researchers and others in the field were quick to qualify their findings: doctors have known for a...(Read Full Article)
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