The Reasoning behind Impeachment: Republicans Evil, Democrats Noble

At the heart of the recent impeachment of President Trump is the unspoken but ever present position embraced by Democrats and the mainstream media that Republicans are evil and Democrats are noble. As such, for the Left, any miniscule smidgen of potential wrongdoing by a Republican can warrant epic investigations and near-constant speculation by the media, while what appears on its face to be blatant corruption by Democrats must have a noble explanation and therefore need not be looked into at all. This principle was first demonstrated with regard to the multi-year, multi-million-dollar Russia investigation that largely emanated from the Steele dossier, which was basically an uncorroborated piece of opposition research. Most recently, the "Republicans are evil and Democrats are noble" ruse has been on full display with the impeachment of President Trump.  To see how this plays out, one must look at the most basic facts surrounding impeachment and then...(Read Full Article)
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