The Problem with Bernie

Supposedly in the new four-hour (yikes!) documentary Hillary the subject says of Bernie Sanders “Nobody likes him.”  As with most of Hillary’s judgments, especially when it comes to gauging human desires, she is way off the mark.  In fact, Sanders appears to be a reasonably likable guy, which accounts in part for his spike in the Democrat polls.  There is a strong possibility he’ll end up the party’s nominee, a frightening prospect for the Democrat establishment and the country as a whole.   Current polling suggests Sanders might win the Iowa primary.  He’s polling just below Biden (23-21%) within the margin of error.  Nationally, he holds a slight lead among Democrat primary voters (27-26%) also well within the margin of error.  The same poll has Warren at 15%.  This has reportedly alarmed top Democrats.  Not only does Sanders present the type of truly radical socialist that wealthy Democratic...(Read Full Article)
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