The Democrat Data App

We were waiting for it—the Big One. Election 2020s preview.  All eyes were on Iowa. So what happened? Just ask Bernie Sanders as he celebrates Ground Hog Day all over again. The Democrats’ Iowa caucus results failed “due to a technical error,” a minor mistake, a simple snafu.  It could happen to anyone. Right?  Yeah, right. It seems to happen mostly with Democrats, who always, but always, flub the details, then blame the Right.  Here are some examples: The Health Care Plan, meticulously handled by then-president Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that comprises 20% of the U.S. economy, failed miserably. To paraphrase great American philosopher, Nancy Pelosi, “we have to pass it before know what’s in it.”  Now we know what’s in it, or rather what’s not in it. It’s like a joke punchline. Democratic health care is like Democratic  impeachment: Make a promise, make...(Read Full Article)
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