The Democrat Data App

We were waiting for it—the Big One. Election 2020s preview.  All eyes were on Iowa. So what happened?

Just ask Bernie Sanders as he celebrates Ground Hog Day all over again.

The Democrats’ Iowa caucus results failed “due to a technical error,” a minor mistake, a simple snafu.

 It could happen to anyone. Right?  Yeah, right.

It seems to happen mostly with Democrats, who always, but always, flub the details, then blame the Right. 

Here are some examples:

The Health Care Plan, meticulously handled by then-president Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that comprises 20% of the U.S. economy, failed miserably. To paraphrase great American philosopher, Nancy Pelosi, “we have to pass it before know what’s in it.” 

Now we know what’s in it, or rather what’s not in it. It’s like a joke punchline. Democratic health care is like Democratic  impeachment: Make a promise, make a headline,  then fill-in later. Also try to scare people into acting hastily, acting of fear. Vote for ObamaCare and Prayerful Pelosi, in a hurry, before the Republicans push granny in a wheelchair off the cliff.

And when  you cannot fix  your broken program, fix the blame.  So, we all know who was responsible: Big R -- the Republicans, even though they were not consulted and even though they voted against it.

Do you remember the super-slick yet “new and improved” Obamacare Health Care App that wasted more billions of dollars?  It failed.  Who is responsible?  Of course, you know: Republicans, insurance companies, greedy businessmen etc.   Let’s move-on dot org. 

No need to investigate or to hold a trial.  Democrats Insulting Republicans is sufficient. Casting suspicion is enough. It was the Republicans who did it. There will be no acquittal in our court of opinion.

Remember when the Democratic National Committee  (DNC) email data all leaked etc.  We all knew who did it. Even the FBI knew who did it, because they never even bothered to investigate seriously, to check the hardware. So, once again, who did it?   Not Big “D”, but the two big “Rs" -- Russia and the Republicans.

CNN and MSNBC said so, but maybe relying on CNN-MSNBC-DNC is not a good idea.  Remember when ex-DNC chairwoman Donna Brazille leaked CNN debate questions to the Clinton campaign. She said it was a “mistake,” but she blamed Russia and Wikileaks for making her look bad.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Maybe the DNC was NOT hacked.  Maybe the DNC are a bunch of hacks.

When the ranking Democrat senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee was found to have had a Chinese spy in her inner circle for years, it was a small error, a minor glitch. When the same senator (Diane Feinstein) and her staff deliberately mishandled sensitive information involving Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, that, too, was a minor matter.  No investigation, not even any ethics charges.

When ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- Democrat presidential candidate in 2016 -- violated many laws by mishandling sensitive data, the head of the FBI himself, James Comey,  acted more like a pope than an agent of the law,  publicly granting her a papal indulgence reserved for high-ranking Democrats.  Her crimes were annulled.  Her little mistake was erased, aborted. It was just careless, not deliberate, said Pope James.

It did not matter that “she should have known better,” because, after all, clearly,  she had to  know better.

Clinton was an experienced official and an experienced  lawyer.  Clinton herself had claimed she was the most experienced candidate running in 2016 and in 2008. She knew the letter and spirit of the law.

It also did not matter that she and her staff clearly acted with full deliberation, destroying evidence of her guilt -- her phones and her email server. They were given immunity by Comey, America’s tallest undertaker, who rubbed his hands unctuously as he buried the case.

Sensitive data from Clinton’s phones and emails had long since passed into the hands of foreign intelligence agencies. Who was responsible?  The Republicans. As  Clinton said on another occasion, it was a vast right-wing conspiracy, not her mistake, her error or her crime. It was somebody else’s conspiracy. Guess who?

Two senior ex-intelligence officials (Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA director John Brennan) displayed their lack of intelligence, lack of candor  and lack of manners when they insisted  that the bad-mannered man with the unruly hair -- incidentally the president of the United States -- was an agent of Russia.

When the computer records of 44 Congressional Democrats fell into the hands of Pakistani spies (the Awan family),  Democrats made sure it was not investigated. Democrat Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made sure the FBI and the Capitol Police never really got to the bottom of the scandal. The case was closed with a sweetheart plea deal in 2018.

That is how things work in the Washington D.C. swamp when sensitive data is mishandled by Democrats. No real criminal investigation.  No subpoenas, no enterprise journalism, no media crusades, no “talking truth to power.” The New York Times goes to sleep, and the Washington Post gets into bed with the cover-up.

When the records and investigations of alleged election interference are selectively, deliberately leaked -- by  senior Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff, the investigation is put into the hands of Adam Schiff, the man who did the leaking, the man who arranged the leaking and the man who covered-up for the leaking. Might as well assign Al Capone to investigate bootlegging in Chicago.

The media made Schiff -- the most despicable distorter of data since Senator Joe McCarthy -- a hero. Republican congressman Devin Nunes, who correctly sniffed out the blatantly partisan abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, was slapped with an ethics inquiry, his reputation stained.

Subsequently, investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Inspector General Michael Horowitz  showed that Trump and Nunes were correct in their assertions.

So before you sign up for the next Democrat data app remember all these examples (and remember  the misuse of IRS data by Obama officials)  and please remember that d stands for data, but  Big D stands for dirt and Democrats.

Or as a Democrat famous for her failures once said: “What difference at this point does it make?”

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