The Deification of Kobe Bryant

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should reveal to the reader that I haven’t been a big fan of professional basketball since the days of Bird, Magic, and Michael Jordan. But even then, I realized that my “heroes” often had feet of clay. These men were human beings with a great talent for throwing a large, round ball through a metal hoop fixed ten feet overhead, but they were not exactly paragons of virtue. Larry Bird was rumored (probably false) to have fathered an illegitimate child. Magic Johnson contracted HIV due to having unprotected sex with too many people. Michael Jordan allegedly has had issues with gambling. Professional athletes appear to have a bad (and expensive) habit of impregnating women who are not their wives. Great players, even Hall of Fame players, but great people? Let’s be honest for a moment. Jesus said we shouldn’t even think of ourselves as good. Yet society puts these athletes on a pedestal.   In a tragic...(Read Full Article)
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