Russia, Democrats, and the Death of Logic

The media's attempt, bolstered by some in the intelligence community, to spin the lie that Russia wants Donald Trump re-elected shows their utter contempt for the intelligence of Americans. Simple logic and a cursory understanding of history, economics, and political philosophy punctuate the absurdity of their statements. It is relatively easy to surmise the kind of leader whom Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping would love to see leading America. That leader would be weak, show little interest in a militarily strong America or its allies, and implement policies that would weaken America and American influence.  That leader would be skeptical of capitalism and would be advocating the dismemberment of the U.S. energy sector, since this would significantly boost Russia's economic prospects and global influence while crippling America.  That leader would propose obscene levels of government spending to bury the country under a mountain of debt.  He...(Read Full Article)
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