Rush Limbaugh's True Contribution

Leftists renewed their decades-long attacks on Rush Limbaugh last week as he announced a serious illness and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Leftists celebrate his illness and somehow deny that a non-soldier should receive this civilian award.  They deny the worth of his contribution to the nation while castigating his political views.  Conservatives try to support the award with reference to Limbaugh's charity work, the size of his audience, or his many years on the air.  While the conservatives are correct, both sides miss the point. In order to understand how important Rush has been to America, we must remember the early 1980s and before.  Conservatives such as President Reagan were the subject of relentless attacks in the media, popular culture, and the education establishment.  It would be years before the internet, with all of its opportunity for communication and information, became generally...(Read Full Article)
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