Mitt Romney's Oath before God

Nothing reveals the character of the Democratic Party more clearly than the Democrats'  vote to convict based on the second article of the impeachment of Pres.  Trump — an article that was about legal disputes over subpoenas, which would normally be settled through the courts.  Instead of doing that, however, the issue was sent to the Senate, where, instead of making legal arguments, Democrats simply cried "cover-up!" to Republican opposition to their demands.  For this, because Trump adhered to the legal process, Democratic senators voted, and voted unanimously, to remove...not themselves, but President Trump from office.  (Were they kidding?) The other, the first article of impeachment — which charged that, in asking Ukraine to investigate corruption involving former V.P. Joe Biden, and which also charged that Trump withheld military aid to force such compliance — was only superficially less-clearly...(Read Full Article)
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