Michael Bloomberg, the Engineer

It was a surprise to learn, from a campaign ad, no less, that Michael Bloomberg is, or at least was, an engineer.  A look at Wikipedia confirms that Bloomberg graduated from Johns Hopkins in 1964 with an electrical engineering degree.  This made me roll my eyes and say a prayer asking that Bloomberg not be allowed anywhere near the White House this coming November or any other.  Not that engineering isn't a noble profession and that engineers aren't intelligent, moral people.  But the truth is, engineers make horrible presidents.  There have been two presidents of the United States who were trained as engineers: Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.  Both were unmitigated disasters, who each made things worse and met with electoral defeat after just one term.  Hoover and Carter were such bad presidents that they are in the running for worst president ever, which is saying quite a bit when you consider the stiff...(Read Full Article)
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