Medicare for None

"Medicare for All," were it subjected to truth in labeling criteria, would more accurately be named "Medicare for None."  This is a point made early in Sally Pipes's succinct but detailed analysis of the socialized medicine programs offered by Bernie Sanders and other Democratic POTUS candidates.  Her book, False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All, provides a chilling portrait of the much touted socialized health systems in Canada and the U.K. — programs plagued by doctor and hospital shortages; long waiting times; rationed treatment;  substandard care; and, on occasion, appalling bureaucratic callousness.  Pipes begins her analysis with a perceptive distinction between traditionally accepted rights and the assertion that health care is a right.  The former rights, she notes, oblige people only not to interfere with, for example, a person's free speech or religious...(Read Full Article)
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