Hallmark Hope and Lifetime Fear

I have always found it ironic that the Hallmark channel is adjacent to the Lifetime channel on the dial, at least that’s the case in the cable channel lineup where I live.  Both channels are mainly targeted at women, but that’s where the similarity ends.  The Hallmark channel is love conquers all and happy endings.  Lifetime channel presents broken relationships, stolen babies, and serial killers.  In short, the Hallmark channel is all about hope, and the Lifetime channel is all about fear. It’s interesting and eye-opening to contrast the two approaches to luring people to sit on the couch through commercials.  And, even more can be learned about us from the way we react to these two programing philosophies. To say that the movies on the Hallmark channel are formulaic is true.  The stereotypical Hallmark plot involves a successful woman who travels to a small, picturesque town for what’s planned to be a short stay.  Fate...(Read Full Article)
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