Fake News from Neil Cavuto

Anti-Trump Fox News analyst Neil Cavuto, who often demonstrates the difference between being glib and being articulate, says he doesn’t work for Donald Trump.  Cavuto took umbrage at Trump’s reaction to an A.B. Stoddard interview with  Cavuto in which she falsely stated, in defending Michael Bloomberg’s Hindenburgesque Nevada debate performance, that Trump consistently lost his 2016 debates with “cringewortthy” and “disastrous” performances. None of what she said was accurate, Cavuto didn’t call her on it, later agreeing with her, and when Trump called both on it during his Colorado rally, Cavuto got righteously indignant in a statement what could have been an MSNBC audition tape, about Trump stating the truth and showing us the man behind the Fox Business curtain: Fox News’s Neil Cavuto and a contributor to his show found themselves the subjects of a lengthy tirade by President Donald Trump at his rally in Colorado...(Read Full Article)
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