Fake News and the 2020 Election

It is more fitting to seek the truth of the matter rather than have imaginary conceptions. Political crises come when false words are spoken. At the raucous debate of Democratic presidential rivals in Charleston, South Carolina on February 25, 2020, the candidates, under unwelcome pressure, sometimes misplaced the truth and expressed fake news with tortuous logic.  Bernie Sanders, the obvious target of the debate, was said to be the preferred choice of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the opponent of President Donald Trump. In addition, Bernie was also linked indirectly to the Charleston church massacre in 2015. Mayor Michael Bloomberg informed Sanders that Russia was supporting his campaign for the Democratic nomination as part of Putin’s attempt to influence the 2020 election. Bloomberg apparently knew that Putin wanted Trump to be president of the U.S. and that was why Russia was helping Sanders become the nominee, so he would lose to Trump. To add to the...(Read Full Article)
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