Donald Trump Is America's Chief Law Enforcement Officer

The poorly written click-bait headline at the Washington Post “Trump declares himself ‘chief law enforcement officer’” complete with the scare quotes, might create the impression among the woefully ignorant who depend on their “fish wrapper” for news. The headline implies President Trump said something wrong, which begs the question:  has anybody under the age of sixty ever read the U.S. Constitution? It’s only about four pages long, written back in the day when people still produced clear and concise documents by hand. And more importantly, shouldn’t “journalists”  have a basic understanding of their subject matter if they are going to be allowed to help shape public opinion with their reporting? The Constitution's Section 1 of Article II includes the President’s specific oath of office in the definition of his duties: ''I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully...(Read Full Article)
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