Dershowitz's Critics on the Right

The avalanche of denunciation that fell upon the head of Professor Alan Dershowitz after his address before the Senate’s impeachment proceeding was unsurprising.  In lending his stature and knowledge to the President’s defense, he, of course, became the enemy of Trump’s progressive pursuers.  The fact that Dershowitz is a lifetime Democrat and liberal made it worse.  The Left does not react well to apostasy. But the adverse reaction to Dershowitz’s defense of the President emanated from the nominal right as well -- particularly from  National Review and the Dispatch. Jonah Goldberg is not entirely persuaded that impeachable misconduct must be a defined criminal offense, as contended by Dershowitz. He thinks the very notion to be “logically, legally, morally, constitutionally, historically, and factually absurd.”  He cites first the remarks of Edmund Burke during the 1788 impeachment trial of Warren Hastings,...(Read Full Article)
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