Democrats Hate What Trump Is Highlighting about Them

President Donald Trump's campaign strategy came into sharp focus during the State of the Union address, and the Democrats are horrified at the mirror held up to their faces. The campaign strategy has three components.  The president will tout the incredible record of achievement hidden by the media.  He will engage in sustained and aggressive outreach to minority voters who have been victimized the most by Democrat policies.  Finally, he will force the Democrats to defend the indefensible.  It is those last two components that left the Democrats stuck on stupid. Frozen Face, whose attempt to be the equivalent of the prepubescent heckler making fart noises behind the teacher's back was somewhat stymied by her inability to show any emotion, clearly planned her in-kind contribution to the Republicans long before the speech. She was transformed into the equivalent of a toddler angrily holding her breath on national television...(Read Full Article)
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