Democrats Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

It appears that the long-running farce of an impeachment process may finally be coming to a well deserved end.  On Wednesday, February 5, the impeachment without a crime will see the Senate voting yea or nay on the two articles.  That vote will bring to a conclusion a three-year ordeal of continual lies, shredding of the Constitution, and malicious and unsubstantiated attacks.  It will expose a long list of people who should be charged and prosecuted for various felony crimes including perjury, lying to federal investigators, fraud, and presenting false evidence to a federal court.  Betting parlors are not ruling out the Democrats going to their worn out playbook once again before the vote and "finding" another "bombshell witness" in an attempt to delay the vote and who, like all the others before him or her, will turn out to be a phony.  The president's State of the Union address is the night before the acquittal...(Read Full Article)
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