Britain and the Brexit Problem

On January 31, 2020, the sun shone on British independence from the European Union.  That sunlight is essential to solve the complex and convoluted problems confronting the U.K.  The struggle, as Abraham Lincoln said, is not altogether for today; it is for a vast future also.  The country faces economic, political, and military factors, some of which are pertinent to the United States.  It is dealing with an E.U. that is divided over significant issues, especially defense matters, and over the prominence of French president Emmanuel Macron.  After a 47-year relationship, Britain is leaving the European Union, although it is not clear to what extent it is leaving Europe, or even whether it can prosper economically outside the E.U.  Can the country maintain the lifestyle to which it has been used for so long?  The U.K. has made its controversial choice of independence, though not resembling the policy of Winston...(Read Full Article)
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