Bloomberg's China Conflict of Interest

The inevitable cratering of Joe Biden's campaign, accelerated by the impeachment fiasco orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the inexorable rise of Bernie Sanders, has caused the Ruling Class to turn their lonely eyes to a hoped-for savior, Michael Bloomberg.  But along with Bloomberg comes his de facto business partner and longtime close ally: China, a nation determined to destabilize American security, prosperity and freedom while growing more tyrannical and secretive internally and more dangerous than ever externally as it faces a potential economic and societal cataclysm. In a September 2019 interview with PBS's Firing Line, Bloomberg said: "The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public."  Further, "Xi Jinping is not a dictator.  He has to satisfy his constituents or he's not going to survive."  Bloomberg failed to mention that in 2013, Bloomberg News was caught in a...(Read Full Article)
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