America Rising

The major political events of the first week of February portend an incredible seismic shift in American and ultimately global politics.  These events include 1) Brexit, 2) Coronavirus in China, 3) the Senate impeachment trial and acquittal, 4) the Iowa caucus non-results, and 5) the president's State of the Union address.  All of these events point to an epistemological earthquake that portends a change in the intellectual political paradigm. The most important news is that these events point to a sharp and jarring reality: President Biden was impeached and removed from his forecasted presidency of 2021.  The conventional paradigm that has dominated American politics since at least Watergate suggests that Republicans are morally suspect figures and all interpretive leaders should be on their guard against their sinister racist, sexist, corrupt agendas.  Journalists, academics, Hollywood, and the federal agency personnel are on the...(Read Full Article)
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