America After Trump

Is it too early to contemplate a search for a clone of Donald Trump for the 2024 election? Maybe not! But is Trump replaceable? The man who restored America’s pride, dignity, optimism and hope after a devastating eight dismal years of Barack Hussein Obama! Trump officially entered the Republican Presidential race on June 16, 2015 with a simple yet powerful message: ‘Make America Great Again.’ Trump stirred up the hornet's nest that is Washington D.C. when no other President has dared to even go there. This resulted in a strong reaction from the media, the Democrat Party, Hollywood, the elitists and globalists, even worldwide socialists. Trump was not a politician, but in his line of work he had to deal with them. So, he understood corruption existed, but not to the extent that we have witnessed recently. Also, unlike previous Republicans, President Trump fights back, and fights hard. Some have suggested that “Trump is the political version of...(Read Full Article)
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