What 1,602 Miles Teaches about Guns

Liberalism, progressivism, Democratic Party — they represent a normal part of each of us: a normal part, but mostly a dark, enfeebling, and destructive one.  They represent the longing in each of us, to varying degrees, to remain a child. Charles Shultz spoke about it in one of his great Peanuts cartoons. Charlie Brown lay there on the backseat of a car, looking up through the window to the heavens.  Up front were his dear mom and dad.  He thought about how utterly serene, safe, and peaceful the whole scene felt.  But he and each of us know, or should know, that this part of life, beautiful childhood, comes and goes quickly.  The longing for that tender feeling and worldview is there in all of us, whether we are 9, 40, or 90.  However, if we allow it to capture our adult minds, it's usually a recipe for a troubled life — typically a recipe for much pain, darkness, and destruction. That's...(Read Full Article)
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