Trump Unbound

One major point is being overlooked concerning the “impeachment”: now that the impeachment weapon has been unsheathed, and swung, and shattered into myriad pieces without so much as scratching its target, the Dems have absolutely nothing to use against Trump. In fact, it can be doubted that they will ever again have anything to use against Trump. Impeachment is over – Pelosi admitted as much when she issued her pro forma State of the Nation invitation to the President only days after the impeachment vote. She has still failed to present the articles to the Senate, but it’s all anticlimax at this point. Only a few hysterics on either side of the spectrum have any doubt as to how this is going to work out. So what do they come up with next? Well, nothing much. Al Green (I’m convinced that he got most of his votes from people who confused him with the great gospel singer) may bluster all he likes about “another impeachment,” but...(Read Full Article)
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