The Unacknowledged Moral Dilemma When Evangelicals Trash Trump

Recently, we have seen a growing body of statements taking evangelical Christians to task, by way of moral condemnation, for voting for Donald Trump in the first place, then continuing to support him since his election.  A significant portion of this moral condemnation and judgment comes from other evangelicals of a more Democratic Party persuasion, along with the usual secularized voices seeing a political opportunity to disparage the Trump support base.  Among the more sensational of these voices is the retiring editor of Christianity Today magazine, Mark Galli, who insists on Trump's removal from office on the basis of Trump's lack of moral standing.  He has been joined in expressing this sentiment by popular Christian speaker Beth Moore. Another lesser known voice, but fully in the genre, is that of Dr. Jeffrey Haggray of the American Baptist USA Home Mission Society, who calls for every "decent" person in that...(Read Full Article)
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