The Tenuous Future of the Democratic Party

We’ve now witnessed seven Democratic debates ahead of the Iowa Caucus this February. At this point, it’s clear that Biden, Sanders, and Warren have a legitimate shot at becoming the nominee, whereas the rest will likely go home after the first few primaries. These frontrunners are now the subject of a growing dilemma that’s undermining party unity and raising questions about its future vision. Four years ago, the Republican Party had to grapple with the rise of Trump, who undermined Republican orthodoxy whenever it suited him. Democrats enjoyed watching Trump make a mockery of his fellow candidates and the entire primary process as he split the Party and severed the head of the Republican establishment. Little did they know that Trump, whom they didn’t consider a serious candidate, could galvanize enough popular support to actually become president and remake the Republican Party altogether. Currently, Democrats are facing a similar dilemma. The leading...(Read Full Article)
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